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EWGA was founded to bring women into the game and provide them a friendly, non-threatening pathway for evolving into competent golfers.  This remains one of the cornerstones of the EWGA today. We are women with a passion for golf who come together for fitness, fun, friendship and professional networking.  We offer programs and events where you can meet and connect with engaging women of all ages, with all levels of golf experience, from a broad spectrum of career paths.

Our local CNY EWGA (Syracuse) Chapter Inc. was launched in October 2002. From a core group of women led by Stephanie Parks, a former member of the Miami, Florida Chapter, our membership has grown over the years. Membership in the CNY EWGA is open to all women and men with an interest in the game of golf. We welcome all levels of play - beginner to advanced! Now is a great time to join the EWGA. Check out our Calendar of Events or Contact Us to find out more.

For information:  President@cnyEWGA.com or MembershipInfo@cnyEWGA.com       www.cnyEWGA.com   
PO Box 12161, Syracuse, NY 13218

Networking, building friendship, developing your game, having fun....
that's what we are all about!


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Your 2018 Board Members:

Hunter Hillers   President@cnyEWGA.com
Kyra Danneker CurrentMembers@cnyEWGA.com
Charlene (Char) Schmidt   MembershipInfo@cnyEWGA.com
Nancy Christy   Leagues@cnyEWGA.com
Judy Winslow   GolfEvents@cnyEWGA.com
Kathy Casatelli   ChapterCommunications@cnyEWGA.com
Laurie Kadah    FinanceDirector@cnyEWGA.com

Enjoy with us:  Golf, Golf Events, Networking Events, Social Activities, Special Events
If you are interested in joining contact Char at  MembershipInfo@cnyEWGA.com.
If you are interested in receiving the weekly e-blast contact Kathy at ChapterCommunications@cnyEWGA.com